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APSS Member Benefits

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APSS’s mission is to provide benefits to our members. Our package of benefits is designed to help you become a more successful author or publisher.

The APSS Benefits are divided into four main categories:

  •   Education & Networking
  •   Production, Shipping, & Distribution
  •   Marketing
  •   Lifestyle & Business

Details, contact information, and codes can only be accessed by APSS members here.  

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APSS Membership Benefits

Have your APSS membership number available when registering for these programs and services

1) $50 Discount on a Baker & Taylor distribution program

Premium Program - $350.00*

Your title(s) will be listed on our database as available for order to our customers.

Title(s) will be purchased initially to fulfill our customer backorders only.  Your title(s) will not be stocked until consistent demand is established.

Advertising for paid title(s)* in one of Baker & Taylor’s nationally circulated catalogs.  A one-time super annotation featuring your book description and jacket art, provided by the publisher, will appear in one of our catalogs.  We will support the placement of your superannotation with a minimum inventory purchase to be determined upon acceptance. 

      *$350 is for one advertised title and includes a one time, non-refundable set up fee.  We will accept up to four additional titles for super annotations if submitted at time of enrollment.  The cost is $200 per additional title. Titles can be no more than one (1) year past publication date to be considered.

You must first be accepted as a vendor ( Then you will receive an acceptance letter via email that includes instructions that if they are an APSS member they are to submit the check at the reduced $300 rate along with documentation of proof of membership. To contact Baker & Taylor about the program email


2) Discount on Ingram Spark

IngramSpark is an award-winning online service for indie authors that provides the same quality print and distribution services enjoyed by big-time publishers. Once you finish and format your book, IngramSpark makes it possible to share it with the world, including readers, over 39,000 booksellers, and librarians, and more than 70 online retailers. Focus on what you do best — creating innovative content — and let IngramSpark do the rest: print, ship, and distribute your book.

IngramSpark Promotion code: APSS17

Link to IngramSpark:


3) Bookstore distribution

a) Midpoint Trade Books has agreed to provide distribution for approved APSS members to bookstores and other non-bookstore retailers across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Midpoint generally does not accept single-title publishers. However, in this program Midpoint will consider distribution of printed books and ebooks by APSS associated publishers, even if the member-publisher has only one title on their list. In addition Midpoint reserves the right to reject any book if production standards, formats and genre categories are not an effective fit. This arrangement excludes books with the ISBN of a print-on-demand company. To submit your book(s) for distribution, please send two samples with a copy of your promotion plan to Brian Jud, P. O. Box 715, Avon, CT  06001 who will forward them to Midpoint. Midpoint will pay you 24% of the net orders for your book quarterly, less returns.


b) Small Press United (SPU) has agreed to conduct distribution for approved APSS members to bookstores and other non-bookstore retailers across the United States and Canada.


SPU will distribute single-title publishers but reserves the right to reject any book if production standards, formats and genre categories are not an effective fit. This arrangement excludes books with the ISBN of a print-on-demand company. To submit your book(s) for distribution, go to for terms and the form to register. If you have questions about submitting your books contact


Small Press United is a subsidiary of Independent Publishers Group (IPG), the second largest independent-press distributor in the United States. It conducts a book distribution service created to meet the needs of small and start-up publishers. With dozens of sales representatives in the U.S. and Canada, SPU sells books to chain and independent bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, the gift and specialty markets, and online retailers.


c) Cardinal Publishers Group (CPG) will provide distribution for adult non-fiction books (no fiction, inspirational or children’s books) published by approved APSS members to bookstores and other non-bookstore retailers across the United States and Canada. CPG will consider distribution of printed books and ebooks by APSS-member authors and publishers, even if the member has only one title on their list. In addition CPG reserves the right to reject any book if production standards, formats and genre categories are not an effective fit. This arrangement excludes books with the ISBN of a print-on-demand company. For details on how to submit product for distribution visit For more information on CPG visit



4) Shipping

a)  The APSS Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®, is a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value to all APSS members. As the APSS-endorsed shipping management provider, PartnerShip works with nationally known carriers to provide unparalleled customer service and significant savings on every shipment. Members who enroll in the APSS Shipping Program receive:


·         Savings up to 31%* on select FedEx® small package services

·         Savings of at least 70% on LTL freight shipments with UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and others

·         Discounted pricing on shipments to and from tradeshows and events


Visit for complete program information and to enroll in the free APSS Shipping Program. If you have any questions, please call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902, or email


* Includes a bonus 5% online processing discount. Full details available at


b.  APSS Members Save at least 70% on LTL Freight Shipping with UPS Freight®, YRC, Con-way Freight, and Others

The customized PartnerShip LTL freight management program gives APSS members the advantage of a comprehensive LTL freight option for shipments over 200 lbs., including a full suite of individualized services, such as:


·   Savings of at least 70% (discounts may increase based on volume) with the country's most experienced and most reliable carriers, including UPS Freight, Con-way Freight, YRC Freight, and many regional carriers

·   A dedicated PartnerShip representative for all your shipping needs

·   Easy access to to compare rates, view transit times, track shipments, and pay invoices

·   Consolidated, weekly invoices from PartnerShip, saving you administrative time usually spent auditing and paying invoices to multiple carriers directly.

·   Maximum carrier liability coverage of $25/pound on every shipment is among the best in the industry

·   Inbound Shipping Management tools to save you money on the shipments you receive from your suppliers


Visit for a free, no-obligation shipping analysis.


c. APSS Members Receive Special Pricing on Tradeshow Shipments

Getting your booth materials to and from a tradeshow demands specialized, personal service and PartnerShip delivers – guaranteed. Count on the deep industry knowledge of our tradeshow experts to help you navigate the complex world of tradeshow shipping. When you use PartnerShip tradeshow services, you can count on:


·   Peace-of-mind that you won’t be standing in an empty booth with our Tradeshow Assurance Guarantee™

·   Guaranteed on-time delivery – or your money back

·   Quick, no-obligation rate quotes

·   Competitive pricing with national carriers



5) Discount on products and services from R. R. Bowker

a. Use the discount code described below and receive 15% off


  • One, ten, 100 or 1000 ISBNs
  • Bar codes
  • ViewInside Widget
  • QR codes
  • Book as an App
  • Self-Publisher Packages


Go to When you purchase an item, go to the checkout cart. There will be an item in the cart for a coupon code.  Insert: APSS2017 and it will be good for 15% off the total order.


b. Bowker can display APSS’s members’ books for sale

    Bowker is starting a new program to give potential readers a sample chapter of your books and a link to order them. Bowker chose APSS to be their initial partner. This joint initiative will be released in the first quarter of 2016, and APSS members can be the first to take part. There is no cost for APSS members. The best part is that you keep 100% of the revenue from sales!


The plan is to feature a cover image of your books in right-hand column on the home page of their website It will include a link to download a sample chapter as well as a link to place an order. Bowker will accept APSS members’ contributions to queue this program up for the 2016 launch. Send this material to Andrew Kovacs at


                - pdf of sample chapter

                - cover image (jpg)

                - brief biographical information about the author

                - select link(s) we could feature (to author website, retailer, etc.)



6) Bi-weekly book-marketing ezine

Every other week APSS publishes a book-marketing ezine with book-marketing tips from John Kremer, Rick Frishman, Eric Kampmann, Judith Briles, Roger C. Parker, Guy Achtzehn and other experts. There is no charge for this ezine. A designer discusses tips on cover design, too. The most recent issue is now up on my site (, as are all past issues if you would like to see them or to sign up to receive my newsletter.


7) Ebook store and conversion

a) The APSS ebook store. Sell your ebooks and audio books in the APSS ebook store at


Complete the form at and send it with your ePub files (the file name should simply be ISBN.epub) and your cover image (the file name should have matching ISBN.jpg) to Gregory Lee ( If you are a member of an APSS Chapter, include that with your submission. You will be asked to sign a distribution with Hummingbird.


b) Ebook conversion and distribution. eBooks2go offers unique solutions to publishers and authors worldwide. For publishers, our services include providing eBook Conversion services, global distribution, Royalty reporting and e-commerce solutions. We have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) to sell online Print / eBook editions. For authors, we provide a wide variety of services including file conversions, eBook distribution, cover designs, and even marketing assistance.


Additionally, eBooks2go has a media book partnership with a major radio station to get children’s books, family/childcare and cookbooks on the air for story times for all families to hear! It is our mission to become the official one-stop shop for everyone’s self-publishing needs. Contact Leslie Chirchirillo at 847-598-1150 Ext. 4141 or


8) Foreign Rights

Columbine Communications and Publications is a foreign rights publishing consultancy.  We focus on non-fiction titles in the genres of business, personal development, psychology/self-help, parenting, health, education and others.  Our role is to bridge the gap between our client base of North American publishers and authors to foreign publishers and agents with similar interests on a worldwide basis.  We accomplish this by offering our clients a variety of “programs” in which they can participate in order to gain wide exposure of their titles for foreign rights licensing possibilities.  The programs that we offer to our clients are:


1.  “Our Major Annual Catalog”.  It is emailed to our complete list of thousands of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  In addition to our regular foreign customers, it is also sent to a prospecting list of thousands of others.  Plus it is posted on our web site for a full year where it is continually referred to by even more foreign agents and publishers drawing exceptional interest.


2.  "Featured Title" Program, in which your book is featured in our uniquely special e-catalog and is posted on our web site for several months.  Includes your book's cover and a full, detailed description.  Plus, the e-catalog of Featured Titles is emailed to our extensive list of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  Our site receives thousands of hits from foreign publishers and agents searching for unique titles.


3.  Focused Inquiry Follow-Up.  Many authors and publishers are unfamiliar with how foreign rights works.  Often they are contacted by a foreign publisher or agent interested in their books, but don't really understand how to follow up or what to do.  We can provide this service for you, or coach you to handle it yourself.


4.  "Special Outreach Program". Focused exclusively on your book only, to foreign publishers and agents, informing them of your book and encouraging them to take a look and consider acquiring rights for it.


Let Bob Erdmann know which program(s) interest you and he will provide details or design a program to fit your unique needs.


Bob Erdmann, Columbine Communications & Publications

1116 Oakmont Dr., Suite 6, Walnut Creek, California, 94595      925/274-1348,,


9) Get unlimited, 24/7 access to medical care and other services -- from your phone or computer.

Do you have a high-deductible medical plan? Want to eliminate out-of-pocket charges for your office visits? CADR+ will provide APSS members with 24-hour access to a US based, trained & board-certified doctor to solve your non-emergency medical situations.


In less than 30 minutes, consult with a US-based, licensed doctor who can diagnose non-emergency medical conditions and prescribe medication. In addition…

  • Get prescriptions, diagnosis & treatment plans
  • Connect anytime by phone, video or app
  • Unlimited use with no per-call charges
  • For you and your family (up to 6 total)
  • No more waiting to see your primary care doctor
  • You do not have to take time off work to sit in a waiting room
  • Forgot your Rx while traveling? Get a renewal prescription anywhere in the US.


APSS members also get these benefits as part of this package:


Legal & Financial Services. Talk with a network attorney or financial consultant for up to 30 minutes free per issue, for an unlimited number of issues.


Free WellCard Discount Card. Savings on a wide range of healthcare products and services like prescription drugs, lab tests, vision, dental care and prescriptions.


ID Theft & Fraud Resolution. Victims of ID theft or fraud related crimes receive the education, guidance, counseling & legal and financial assistance they need.


Aetna RFL Consultants. Speak directly with highly educated, vetted & trained consultants who are ready to listen and help guide you through life’s challenges.


Bill Review & Mediation. Do you have unresolved hospital bills totaling over $2,500? Let the CADR+ Patient Advocacy team work directly with the hospital on your behalf to lower your payments.


Natural Therapy Professionals. Discounts over 25% on natural therapy services

including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition services.


Online Worklife Resources. In-depth resources and guides for daily issues from adoption to college planning, elder care, disaster relief, emergency care and more.


All These Services, One Low Monthly price! Unlimited, 24/7 access for you and your family, starting at $14.95/mo (Save $5 per month off the regular $19.95 charge)


For more information or to enroll visit


10) Discount on Staples products

Staples will provide you with your own Staples Business Advantage account. You can get discounts on your in-store and online purchases plus special discounts on other services. APSS has paid the registration fee for all members to join – there is no charge to you


You will have a Staples Business Advantage account in your name. You pay directly to them. You receive free shipping for online purchases. You have a Staples customer representative assigned to you to answer your questions and help with your purchases


In addition, you get discounts on other services such as:

  • Up to 30% off  Avis and Budget
  • 20% off flowers  and gifts at FTD
  • 10% off professional chauffeured  car service at GroundLink. Plus 25 off your first ride!
  • Free procurement service  for hard to find items
  • Up to 50% off event planning  services at GoGather with a free 1-hour consultation and free site selection
  • 6% off business catering
  • 5% off fresh fruit delivery


Get more details at  and  register at  No code is required


11) Join a program to sell your book on a non-returnable, commission basis to buyers in corporations, associations, schools, the military and government agencies


Your book is displayed in a catalog that is used by 65,000 commissioned salespeople who sell to known buyers. When they take an order for your books, Guy Achtzehn’s Promotional Bookstore will purchase them from you at 60% off the list price – and pay the shipping charges.


Catalogs are sent in April and October of each year. The Promotional Bookstore does the layout for you and you approve it before they go to print. You also get a copy of the printed catalog.


There is a $250 one-time catalog set-up fee for the first title ($175 for the second and $125 for each additional title) to be included in this program. APSS members get a 10% discount. Get more information and register at  Use Promo Code APSS when registering for the discount.


12) Publicity to hundreds of thousands of viewers, bloggers, readers and followers. Interact with readers through live chats.

Give your book a chance to be discovered where the readers are with BookTrib: The Lifestyle Destination for Book Lovers. We offer opportunities for readers to interact with popular authors online via live chats, providing reviews, book trailers, and ever-popular weekly book giveaways.


The majority of the site’s viewers are college-educated working women between the ages of 25 and 65. Our readers include of members of book clubs, book bloggers, librarians, bookstores and thousands of readers who appreciate books as an object of beauty as well as entertainment. APSS members get 10% off these prices when using your membership number when registering. Contact Meryl Moss at with any questions or to register for these benefits


• Give your website an additional advantage by setting it up on We will send an announcement in our newsletter to over 12,000 subscribers, with a screenshot and a link added to our Facebook page with 8,399 friends, Google+ with 406,340 followers and 2,111,091 views as well as on our Twitter feed with 13,475 followers.  $500 ($450 with your APSS membership number)


• Get interviewed by a BookTrib writer and for an added bonus we will offer your book as a giveaway. Your Q&A will live on our home page and also appear in our weekly newsletter that is emailed to our 12,000+ readers. $450 ($405 with your APSS membership number)


• A live video chat that is pre-arranged and promoted to thousands of our media, blogger and reader contacts. We create several digital assets that are used to promote your live chat. You can use these assets on your own social media entities and our live chats are also promoted in our newsletter and on all of our social media. $1,500 ($1350 with your APSS membership number)


• While slots last we can add your e-book book to our Net Galley account for 8 weeks that includes an e-blast to 15,000 professional readers and reviews will start filling your inbox. $1350 ($1215 with your APSS membership number)


13) Sales Promotional Items

Get your book cover or marketing message on promotional items such as coffee mugs, pens, pads, bookmarks, key chains, shirts, umbrellas or any of hundreds of other promotional products. APSS can help you use promotional items to: 


     · Lure new customers

     · Remind procrastinators to buy

     · Encourage repeat purchases

     · Create brand awareness

     · Boost sales

     · Create customer loyalty

     · Attract more people to your trade-show exhibit

     · Spread word-of-mouth advertising

     · Have a fun giveaway for book signings and other events

Contact Guy Achtzehn at The Promotional Bookstore, or (717) 846-3865. Provide your APSS membership number for a 10% discount on promotional items


14) Professional Publishing With Complete National Distribution to Bookstores and More


Have your manuscript published in any format with marketing support, national bookstore, library, and non-bookstore retail distribution from one source.


Book Publishing

KB Publishing will work with you to produce your manuscript in the most readable, professional and usable format. This could be a printed book and/or an ebook (for Kindle, Kobo, Apple/itunes, iPad and Nook). Packages include cover design, page layout, ISBN, barcode, copyediting and an initial supply of books.


Retail Book Distribution

Your book will be distributed through a major national distributor. They will sell and distribute your book to retail, wholesale, internet and specialty customers. This includes all trade bookstores, book departments in department stores, other retail outlets, college bookstores, museum stores, Christian market stores and on-line retailers.


Publishing Support

Hybrid Global Publishing provides you with a quality product, innovative solutions and cost-effective services. You will be assigned an Author Relationship Manager who will assist you throughout the publication process, answer your questions, and keep your project moving forward smoothly and on time.


KB Publishing Packages (includes everything above) – APSS members receive a $500 discount off all package prices. Please note that manuscripts will be evaluated and not all will be accepted.

Contact Karen Strauss at for details and pricing


15) – find a manuscript, illustrator, publisher or agent

APSS has created a partnership with for you to just that! Register at and use the coupon code 14APSS to save 25% on your Premium Membership to PubMatch.


For APSS members/publishers:

Whether you are trying to find your next best-selling title, or trying to find a partner overseas for rights transactions, you can connect here.


For APSS members/authors:

Search the database of publishers searching for new titles, or agents and agencies looking for new talent to represent.



16) AMP Company will find your potential buyers in bookstores, libraries, businesses, media, associations, movie producers and more. Then we create and send an email with your customized message to them


AMP will analyze your content (fiction and non-fiction), find prospective buyers, create a custom book kit and send it to potential buyers on your behalf.  The link to sign up for the AMP/APSS automated program is  There may be a problem using Internet Explorer – use another browser if possible.


As an APSS member you will receive a $10 discount off the $99 set-up charge and a $10 discount off the $99 monthly charge. The promo code is APSS2015. 


  • Work on a month-by-month basis with no long-term contract
  • Conduct a national rollout of your book -- without leaving home
  • Contact bookstores, libraries and alternate venues in your target markets
  • Use this system to set up speaking engagements, local author events, and sponsorships
  • Arrange radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews
  • Use a follow-up feature to have us follow up with book buyers for you
  • Your book can be pitched to movie producers and Hollywood studio execs

If you would like to review the 45-minute video describing the program please go to


See testimonials:


Read FAQs:


17) Discounts on books, products and services


A) A free subscription to Book Business magazine

Find the latest strategies and tips on ... digital printing ... production and manufacturing ... ebooks and digital publishing ... management and finance and more! The pages of Book Business bring readers in-depth information by the experts, case studies, Leader Profiles, strategies for growth, features on major issues facing the industry, plus ways to cut costs and reduce time to market.


See the latest APSS blog entry in Book Business:


B) A subscription to the Writer’s Digest Newsletter

Sign up for WD’s newsletters:  The signup box is next to the 101 Best Websites for Writers image.


C) Access to a Writer’s Digest “secret page” -- The WD Tutorials site: That link is special as it’ll take you to a ‘secret’ page where previews to all tutorials are listed. There is currently a charge to purchase a tutorial, but many helpful tips can be picked up by merely watching those clips -- especially from the tutorials I did for Writer’s Digest J


D) A Writer’s Digest 73-minute webinar on Novel Revision


E) Book Publicity & Book Marketing Tool Kit, from Media Connect



18) Discount on a subscription to Publishers Weekly

One-year subscription: Print + Digital + Online format for $174.99 (Normally $249.99)

PW's ALL ACCESS PASS includes: 51 weekly print issues, companion digital editions - formatted for your desktop, smartphone and iPad; PLUS Subscriber-Only access to PW's gated online premium content.


One-year subscription: Digital + Online format for $154.99 (Normally $209) Includes: 51 weekly digital editions – formatted for your desktop, smartphone and iPad; PLUS Subscriber-Only access to PW’s gated online premium content.


Go to:

When asked “Apply Renewal code for discounted rate” use code JAPSS1. Contact Christian DeBarge, at Publishers Weekly with questions at (1-800-278-2991)



19)  Staffed displays at trade shows around the world

Have you ever wanted to display your books before thousands of people at BEA, ALA or Frankfurt, but didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to do it? We have reached an agreement with The Combined Book Exhibit® (CBE) to display APSS members’ book(s) at major state, regional, national and international shows for one low flat fee per show.


CBE displays your book(s) with those of other authors and publishers at shows with heavy traffic. CBE also creates a catalog for each show it attends, and keeps a comprehensive database on its website with your contact information for an entire year.


See how much money you can save by having CBE exhibit at major shows by visiting Register with your APSS membership number (insert it at APSS ORDER NUMBER).


20) Discounts from Foreword Reviews

1)      A discount of $70 off a Skyscraper ad (Reg. $280 for 7,000 impressions) or $35 off Square ad (Reg. $175 for 7,000 impressions) on Foreword's high traffic website With over a quarter million visitors to our website yearly, is the perfect place to connect with the audience you're looking to connect with. At checkout use code APSS17 for Skyscraper or apss35 for Square ad. Expires December 31, 2017. Order here:

2)      Authors of books that have already been published or were not previously selected by the editors of Foreword Reviews magazine, are eligible for a fee-based review service called Foreword's Clarion Review. APSS members will receive a 15% discount off the regular rate of $499 when they use the code APSS17. This discount expires December 31, 2017. Order here:

21) Sell your book for you

Do you want to sell your books to non-bookstore buyers, but do not have the time, skills or desire to find the names of people to contact, make the presentations and close the sale? One of the top sales professionals in the promotional products industry can do that for you for selected books. Sales activities take place over several months (mailings/phone/presentations/follow up). You provide samples.

30 hours of time, plus commission of 25% of the profits. Out-of-pocket expenses (postage, etc.) are charged at cost. Additional time may be purchased at $35 per hour. Terms: $750 due with agreement and $750 after 15 hours. There is no guarantee that any sales will result.


22) Personal Services to Sell Your Book for You

Hot leads

A skilled, professional sales person will call prospective buyers and pre-sell your book. They will pre-sell your book and stimulate interest among potential buyers. We will send you the name of the prospects and their contact information, and a brief description of why they are interested in your book. These will be people who want to learn more about your book, and are expecting to see a copy of it. You send the sample to prospect, and you do the follow up. $75 per lead ($750 minimum). If you would like assistance or training in how to do the follow up, see “Role Playing: below.


Cold leads

We will create a list of prospective buyers for your book. We will provide you with the names and contact information (email, website, phone, address) of people you can contact to generate sales of your book for long-term, recurring revenue. $10 per lead with a minimum of 50 leads ($500)


Sales script

Prepare a telephone presentation for prospecting, arranging appointments. You provide us with a description of your book and we will create the script for you. It will be in a professional, yet friendly voice, but will be able to massage it to meld with your personality. The package will include a brief voice-mail message intended to increase the likelihood of a return call. The price for a script to each buyer type (corporations, associations, schools, etc.) describing the unique benefits of your book to their needs is $150


Role Playing

Guy will act as a buyer for making the initial call or to follow up on a hot lead. You will work together in role playing with different types of “buyers.” This includes a critique of each call with suggestions for improvement. Guy will also describe the nuances B2B phone-call etiquette that will increase the likelihood of a sale.  $125 per hour


23) PW Select: Your book in PW's print and online editions

PW Select promotes self-published books to PW's audience of booksellers, librarians, publishers, agents, film scouts, and industry insiders.

 Normally $149, APSS members receive a special price of $119 (use promo code "APSS7" when submitting your PW Select order) which includes:

  • listing of your book including four-color-cover artwork, write-up and on-sale information in a special section of PW's print and online editions
  • feature placement on the home page of and
  • feature placement in the BookLife Report e-newsletter
  • social media promotion on BookLife's Facebook and Twitter platforms
  • six month subscription to Publishers Weekly's digital edition
  • a free copy of the Publishers Weekly print issue in which your listing appears


 It's a great, cost-effective way to promote your book to the publishing industry.  To sign up for PW Select visit the PW Select page:

Use promo code "APSS7" when submitting your PW Select order so you can get the special price.



24) Publisher Liability Insurance

Limits of liability/protection from $500,000 to $10 million dollars are available through Lisa Malenfant, at The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. The policy they provide will cover traditional media perils (such as, but not limited to, libel, plagiarism, piracy, copyright infringement, defamation, infringement of the right of privacy or publicity, infliction of emotional distress, misappropriation of property rights and most importantly contextual liability or defective advice protection. Contact Lisa Malenfant at or 860 602-3812




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ABI provides editing, design, printing, and marketing services to authors and independent publishers.

For more information visit
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