Advancing the Success of Publishers
in Non-Bookstore Marketing

Educational Programs to Help You Increase Your Sales


Each of these 90-minute webinars is hosted by Brian Jud and begins at 6:00 pm Eastern Time. These are on a variety of book-marketing topics discussed by some of the top people in their fields.

Media Training

Get on more TV and radio shows, and sell more books while you are there. Qualified experts work with you over the telephone to prepare you for media performances

One-On-One Coaching

The top experts work with you on an hourly or project basis to show you how to sell more of your books, more profitably.

Consulting for Selling to Non-Bookstore Buyers

One of the premier salespeople in the US can show you where and how to find new prospects for your books and how to sell to them successfully.

Help Selling to Non-Bookstore Buyers

Discover the best ways and places to find prospective customers for your books. Find out how to write an effective marketing proposal for large-quantity sales. Learn tips for giving persuasive sales presentations. And learn negotiating tips and techniques to help you successfully close large sales for your books.

Bi-Weekly Book-Marketing Newsletter

Receive the free, bi-weekly special-sales ezine, “Book Marketing Matters.” It contains regular columns by industry professionals, John Kremer, Guy Achtzehn, Judith Briles, Rick Frishman, Eric Kampmann, Brian Jud, a guest cover designer and others. To subscribe click here: All past issues are available at if you would like to see examples

These educational programs and more are available to APSS members. If you do not see a program that is right for your books, let us know and we can create one. Please join APSS now to put these great programs to work for you. Do you have questions or want more information? Email call the APSS office him at (860) 675-1344 for answers.

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